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Superman and Wonder Woman Sitting in a Tree…

Justice League #12 sees a new power couple in the DC universe as Superman and Wonder Woman hook up.  Entertainment Weekly has the scoop:

Writer Geoff Johns hints that some event — possibly tragic — will impact every member of the Justice League, and cause Superman and Wonder Woman to seek solace in each other and move from super-powered colleagues to power couple. This is no one-issue stunt: “This is the new status quo,” says Johns, adding that the relationship will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe.

I generally think the DC reboot has failed in the long term goal and after a year, they’re resorting to stunts again… and this is a pretty poor stunt.

So what do you all think?

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One comment

  • I am hoping its a stunt. I would hate to see a charater that got me in to comics, Wonder Woman, reduced to nothing more than a screw toy for Superman. I hope it doesn’t show in her stand alone. I think what is the worst is that they said there was forshadowing to this. There wasn’t. These two had five panels were they spoke to one another through out the series so far. It is just lazy writing and I hope it is short lived.