Female Venom Too Racy for Facebook!?

I came across this story in me Facebook feed about Adam Jay, a photographer who does various cosplay photos through Superhero Photography. His recent pics of a women as Venom has stirred up some issues on Facebook, resulting in two image bannings, a 24 hour lock out of his account and threats of having his account disabled. From his post:

Ok so this morning I woke up to find that one of my images from the VENOM set has been pulled from Facebook.  Which is a shame because it’s the one that has been Liked over 15,000 times and shared nearly 5000 times all within 24hrs! (why that one grrrrrr!!!!!)

Here’s his posts on the first problem and the second. Here’s the images in question posted with his permission:

Facebook relies on users to point these violations out, so there’s a good chance someone is just being a dick and clicked the button for that process. Unfortunately Facebook has been unhelpful to figure out what he violated.  The emails he received from the social network just linked to this page, http://www.facebook.com/report/, which ads little insight to the violation. Facebook hasn’t responded to his inquiries or ours, but I know I see more in some of the profile pics that come across my feed than this.

Do people think the images are too racy? Is it an intellectual property issue? Sound off below as to your thoughts!

General DC