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3 More Incidents Surrounding The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Teaser PosterCoincidence, stupidity and a sort-of copycat, there’s been three more “incidents” surrounding The Dark Knight Rises. This all comes after the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a midnight screening of the movie.

A Maine man was arrested after he told authorities he was on his way to shoot his former employer. This comes a day after watching The Dark Knight Rises. The suspect was stopped for speeding at which point his care was searched. Police then found an AK-47 assault rifle, four handguns and newspaper clippings about the Colorado tragedy. The suspect said he saw the movie, but police haven’t confirmed it. After a search of the suspect’s home, police found more guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. The FBI and ATF have been called in due to the weapons found.

In Southern California, a man was arrested Sunday afternoon after he made references to Aurora and threats when the movie wouldn’t start. The man is quoted as saying “I should go off like in Colorado” and then asked “Does anybody have a gun?” The man had a backpack and when searched no weapons were found. To me, sounds like an insensitive asshole more than anything.

In Arizona, 50 movie goers panicked and fled a showing of the movie when a man who appeared intoxicated was confronted during the movie. An off-duty Border Patrol agent tackled the suspect who also had a backpack. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and threatening and intimidating. This shows the jitters folks are feeling now.

Despite those jitters, the movie has done well opening as the third highest opening movie with $160.9 million over the weekend.

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