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Marvel NOW!

DC recently did it, so did Top Cow.  Now, Marvel is giving it’s universe a kick start in hopes to draw in hopes of drawing in new readers.  Entertainment Weekly has the scoop at this post Avengers Vs. X-Men revamp. Dubbed Marvel NOW!, the launch will see a shake up of series and creative teams, including the launch of numerous first issues.  Here’s the highlights:

Uncanny Avengers – From the team of Rick Remender and John Cassaday, the series deals with human/mutant relations.  The team will feature Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and Havok whose profile will be raised.  A new version of the Red Skull is the first big bad up for the team to take on.

AvengersJonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena take on a large roster, described as 18 or more of top-tier characters, B-listers and new characters.  The series will be twice monthly and the first arc is called Avengers World.  Hickman did slip that Shang-Chi will be on the team.

All-New X-Men – This one will get the fans pissed.  Brian Michael Bendis takes the original X-Men team and brings them into present time.  It’s the teenage X-Men (hence the Jean Grey return) in modern times dealing with what they’ve become. Stuart Immonen is on art.

Marvel also released the below art showing off some of the new players in the Marvel New NOW! You’ll notice new costumes for Cyclops, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon, which just shows Guardians of the Galaxy will be back, just in time for the movie build up.


  • Oh no not again…All these reboot/non-reboot things make my head hurt…

  • I do like bringing back the original x-men team. They have strayed so far from their beginnings, though. Curious what direction this one will take