Free Comic Under Creative Commons – A Place Lost in Time

Adolf Navarro and Izara Masie have released their first graphic novel called A Place Lost in Time.  The first of a larger story called The Zurvan ClubThe Zurvan Club is pitched as:

A group of young people join their skills in order to solve a mystery written in an old Sumerian carving that will lead them to amazing discoveries about our past that could change our future. So, join Alex, Julia and friends in their quest for the origins of Humankind and their great adventures in the most exotic and unexpected places.

Originally designed as webcomic to be read on smartphones, tablets and personal computers, the comic was initially released in English and Spanish.  What’s interesting is anyone can download it for free under a Creative Commons License from the official website

The license allows you to:

  • You can download and make copies of this work
  • You may not use this work for commercial purposes
  • You may not alter, transform or build upon this work

They’re already working on the second part called The Hidden Power and to decrease the wait for readers, each chapter will be posted on their website as they’re finished. Once the entire second part is completed, it will be also available for download.