The Avengers Continue to Dominate

The Avengers continue to dominate the box office and is the #4 grossing film all-time in the global market and #6 in the U.S market.  Estimates put the movie at grossing an estimated $55 million for just a drop of 46.6% from last weekend.  The Avengers took on more than just Loki and his army by beating out Battleship which brought in a lower than estimate $25.3 million.

So far, The Avengers have brought in $457 million domestically and $1.18 billion globally.  With stiff competition coming next week, it’s likely the movie will slide up to the third spot for domestic totals after a few more weeks, but unlikely to hit number 2 or 1.  It’s likely to place third in global totals once it opens in Japan.

Next weekend is Memorial Day and sees the release of Men In Black III, which will likely prevent a four-peat for the hulk of a movie.