Archie Comics Unveils New Digital Storefront

Archie Comics Unveils New Digital Storefront

For over a year now, Archie has had a major presence in the digital comics domain, making its comics as available to fans as possible. Now Comics Alliance reports that Archie’s reach is about to expand to cover even more digital ground as the publisher launches a new digital storefront at Archie’s digital comics hub will allow readers to visit and download comics as they become available as well as Archie’s vast library of classic back issues.

In addition, Android users can join the fun as Archie Comics unveils the Android App. Fans who have clamored for Archie on their Android have reason to rejoice now that they will be able take Archie wherever they roam.

Michael Murphey of iVerse Media has worked closely with Archie to make this a reality. As Murphey explains, “What really sets this apart from anything else out there right now is that it is built completely in HTML 5, and it is designed for touch.  The web app works really well on mobile devices, and it is the first of its kind to provide a complete shopping and reading experience in-browser on tablets.”

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater chimes in, “This is what we’ve been building toward since Archie first dove into digital. In addition to the storefront and the upcoming Red Circle app, we’re in the process of rolling out an expanded and curated line of digital-exclusive titles. We started with a few Sonic titles but are also doing themed, 100-page comics including Archie and the gang.”

The Digital Exclusives made available have become top sellers on the Archie App, including Reggie: King of April Fools, Sonic: Fight Club and will continue with the release of Archie’s Grand Slams to just in time for Spring. Read about it below:

What happens when America’s favorite pastime meets America’s favorite teenager? A grand slam of fun! Join Archie and his friends in some of their best baseball stories! Whether they’re playing the field or watching the game, there’s never a dull moment for Team Riverdale! Make a break for home and check out this 100-page Digital Exclusive!

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