7-year-old’s Dream of Being Batman Comes True

7-year-old Kye Sapp wanted to be Batman for a day and he got his chance to fight crime.  The Arlington, Texas-based non-profit a Wish with Wings created a “Wish with Batwings”  for Kye, who is battling leukemia.

Sergeant Christopher Cook of the Arlington Police office of communication said they turned “Arlington into Gotham.”  The six hour adventure took six weeks of planning and involved Ky fighting crime throughout the day.  Kye was joined and had the help of his brother and sister as Batman sidekicks Robin and Batgirl.

The day was a series of missions and started with stopping a robbery at a local bank where they caught the Joker and returned the bank’s money.  That was followed by stopping a purse snatcher and stopping the Riddler who placed a car bomb.  That allowed Kye to witness the city’s bomb squad and bomb robot in action and set off the pretend bomb.  The final stop of the day was City Hall where he received the key to the city.

It took 35 people to make the special day happen including volunteers from Wish with Wings, off-duty police and fire fighters and some actores.

Kye is currently in remission, but still has three years of treatment ahead of him.