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Graphic Policy is Now 4 Years Old – We’re Looking For Contributors As We Work Our Way Towards 5

The big event happened quietly a few days ago, but our first post was on March 26, 2008 with regular posting starting on April 3, that makes us a whole 4 years old!  Thank you everyone who helped make this happen.  To the other contributors, Elana, Kenneth and Leigh, the publishers and creators who welcomed us and treated us like one of the big boys and especially the readers who continue to come in at record numbers, thank you, seriously.

This birthday celebration also seemed like a good time to say…. we’re looking for new writers and to expand our coverage with lots more original material.  There’s a bunch of wheels turning on some new technical toys that’ll help the site leap frog everything else out there, but we’re especially looking for contributors.  That can be original material, reviews, convention reports, posts from the perspective of stores, anything comic and geek related, we’re up for it.

Here’s the thing though, there’s no pay.  You might notice the site has no ads, no revenue, it’s being done out of our enjoyment of comics.  So what do you get if you do contribute?  That’d be free comics to review, possible access to conventions, free movies and tv shows to review and who knows what else.  You also get exposure.  So this is great for someone who just wants to write, hone their writing skill or promote themselves.  We’re game and will work with you to make it happen.  The best part is there is no editorial mandate or rules, we want honesty, no matter how brutal it is.  If you’re interested contact us and let us know what you want to do.

So, once again, thank you so much.  This has been an amazing run, and to many more years.

Brett Schenker
Founder/Blogger in Chief
Graphic Policy

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