Toy Fair 2012 Lego Marvel Exclusive Captain America and Iron Man

If you went to the 2012 Toy Fair, you might have been one of the lucky ones to get this exclusive Lego figures of Captain America and Iron Man.  It’s limited to 125 sets and already commanding obscene amounts of money on ebay.

(via Brick Heroes)


  • Woohoo for proportionate Iron Man heads! Pity about the price…

  • Guy tell me if i am wrong but it seems to be a bucky captain america? the blue and black suit? probably not included on the to be released sets. also ironman , from the london toy fair, seemed to have an opening helmet… this one is painted… a limited edition? ?? not like the comic con superman that is exactly as the luthor wonderwoman set released by lego later.

    • Yup that’s the Bucky version of Cap and also the Iron Man is different. The regular looks to have a helmet, this one it’s all painted on the head.

  • Have a set of the two you r willing to sell?