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Where the Comic Book Industry Stands on #SOPA and #PIPA

We’ll be keeping a list of publishers, blogs, creators and more and where they stand on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).  Don’t know what SOPA or PIPA are?  The short is, they’re legislation that threatens how we interact online every day.  We posted a longer explanation as to why this legislation needs to be stopped, we encourage you to read it, spread it around and take action today.

Below will be an ongoing listing of those who stand against and for SOPA and PIPA.  We’ve asked publishers where they stand and have yet to hear back from any.  As we receive responses we’ll post them in full.  Put pressure on them to respond, as consumers we deserve to know where they stand on this legislation.  Also, creators and other blogs have been silent.  Ask them to stand up for free speech and a free internet!

Sign the petition and demand to know where publishers stand!

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