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Geeky Gifts – Kickstarter Edition

Kickstarter is a crowd sourcing website that allows creators to present their projects to the public and receive pledges.  With these pledges they might pay for printing, an artists, coloring, etc. and for pledging you receive items in return.  Items can vary from a simple thank you, to pdfs or printed copies of the comic book, t-shirts or even being drawn into the comic.  Below are some worthwhile projects to pledge to this season and even better give a pretty unique gift to someone.

Snowbird: A Graphic Novel

The art for this project first caught my eye, but it’s the description that really sucked me in.

The winter of 2010 I lived in New Orleans, and a series of traumatic events took place. I came to town with a broken heart, hoping to find time to recover. What I found instead was a winter where members of my community suffered violent assault, nine people died, our creative efforts during Mardi Gras fell prey to police brutality, ending with a police raid of our infoshop, The Iron Rail Collective. I am writing this story as a witness to the events that took place, but also to remind those who were there about the good things that happened, too. It was one of the most important winters of my life, and I don’t want to forget it.

I’d buy this if released, so you better believe I’d support this rather unique true life story.

Best pledge: $20 – Online access and a copy of the finished book!


The Cavalier Mr. Thompson

Part crime story, part truth, sounds really interesting.

The Cavalier Mr. Thompson is a work that I’ve been writing, planning, sketching and thinking about for the past ten years. That is, until two years ago, when all of the pieces came together and I finally got down to producing this current comic book novel. TheCavalier… is a story loosely based on the life and works of hard-boiled crime writer Jim Thompson, who was raised in West Texas during the 20’s and 30’s. At the same time, Cavalier’s story is very much my own; the cast of characters, their family backgrounds, their motivations, likenesses, personalities–were all my creation. The breakthrough on this project came about when I was reading a biography of Jim Thompson and I discovered how his relationship with his father uncannily mirrored mine with my father. It was this personal connection that spurred me on and got things rolling on Cavalier. The story is set in Big Spring, Texas during a time in America when things were slowly sliding toward what would come to be known as The Great Depression. So, The Cavalier Mr. Thompson is one part American History, one part American Crime Novel. Right now, a 75 page preview (of what will eventually be a 130 page book) is available online for you to check out here:

I’m a sucker for this type of book and it’s a no brainer to support.

Best pledge: $25 – A signed copy of the book with a sketch inside, a 5″ X 8″ watercolor print and 4 different Sam Hill buttons


Journeyman Anthology #1

What’s a great gift?  Giving a bunch of new folks a shot at creating a comic book.

Journeymen is a quarterly anthology that will bring new creators to the professional world of comic book creation. By giving writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers, colorist and cover artist a chance to work as a creative team and bring three new stories to the world every three months. As well as teaching them what it is like to make a book with professional expectations.

Done and done.

Best pledge: $25 – For this one we are offering your name in the book, in bold letters. A pdf digital file to call your own. A physical copy of the general release Journeymen book 1 and a special edition Kickstarter Exclusive cover. These will be extremely rare and will only have as many printed as are ordered here.


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