Kickstarter’s Ashes Isn’t the First Project to Include Retailer Participation

The Beat spotlighted the recently funded Ashes over on Kickstarter and deservedly congratulated the project in it’s success.  As one of the funders, I can’t wait to have it in my hands.  Unfortunately the article perpetuated the incorrect information that it is the first comic book project to include retailer incentives.

Aside from such a large upfront goal funding an original graphic novel, Ashes is also significant for being the first Kickstarter project to offer retailers a chance to participate and get discounted copies of the graphic novel for sale in stores.  As of this writing, it looks like 11 retailers have participated.  A small start for a new practice of cutting and the distributor and merging Direct to Consumer with Direct to Retail fulfillment.

Reality is that’s not true.  We fact checked (I gave to both projects cited which is why I knew) and corrected the original Publisher’s Weekly article where this incorrect fact was first hatched.  From our article:

two projects (I found, might be more) beat Ashes by over 3 months when it comes to retailer incentives.  Super by Aberrant Press and The Hero Code by Jamie Gambell both offered incentives for retailers.

Super saw two levels for $200 and $500.

$200 – GROUP/RETAILER PLEDGE #1: 20 copies of the book will be sent to you as well as 20 of the preview books and 20 of the postcards and your name(s) printed in the book’s “thank you’s” section. Also, you’ll get a page of original art (again, first pledged gets first pick).

$500 – GROUP/RETAILER PLEDGE #2: 40 copies of the book will be sent to you as well as 40 of the preview books, 50 of the postcards, your name(s) printed in the book’s “thank you’s” section and 10 of the signed and numbered prints! Also, you’ll get 2 pages of original art from the book (first pledged gets first pick)!!! AND A SPECIAL BONUS: A ONE PAGE AD FOR YOUR STORE OR GROUP OR WHATEVER REALLY (so long as it’s within reason)!!!

The Hero Code offered the following:

$30 – *RETAILER REWARD* – x10 copies of the book, 7 standard cover, 2 JR Variant and 1 wrap around variant, plus a button, print and 5 full collections of trader card sets. Retailers can order more than one set.

This is the second example this week of erroneous reporting being taken as truth (Dark Horse digital pricing being the other this week).  The fact is Aberrant Press and Jamie Gambell deserve the credit for doing this months before Ashes.  Give credit where credit is due.