Steal This Comic. Jim Zubkavich Turns to Torrents to Promote Makeshift Miracle.

Jim Zubkavich, one of the people behind the popular Skullkickers by Image Comics has turned to torrents to help promote his webcomic Makeshift Miracle.  The goal is to get the first issue in front of as many people, as possible so the pioneering creator is offering the comic in PDF and CBZ format and encouraging people to torrent, post, take, share, just spread the word about the comic in hopes interest will grow and lead to sales of the physical item when it hits shelves in May/June 2012.

It’s rare to see a creator turn to this method to spread the word about their series but there’s evidence that this word of mouth pays off.  Neil Gaiman has spoken about his use of torrents, equating it to the sharing that occurs at a library  We’ve covered that as well as another instance where torrents and 4Chan has been used for promotion.

You can participate by help spreading the word.  Bleeding Cool posted up this torrent which you can grab.