Knightfall – Another Batman Fanfilm

Some Batman fans decided to put together their own fanfilm, which seems to be a popular activity lately.  It’s not too bad, lots of fighting and the actor depicting Batman doesn’t overdo “the voice” too much.

Cast & crew:

Christopher Puttock — Hero
Keira Gould — Knife girl
Ed Bracher — Knife thug
John Pellet — Pipe thug

Post-production by FXhome

Producer — Tom Mcloughlin
Director — Josh Davies
Director of photography — Ross Turner
1st Camera assistant — James Gorman
Camera team — Daniel Wood, Rebecca Vaughan & Simon Jones
Production design — Nigel Clegg
Music — Michael Powell
Art department — Natasha Mcloughlin
Make-up — Asher Ellen
Production assistant – Mark Ellet
Catering — Myroslava Puttock

Behind-the-scenes — Paul Cook & Ant Essberger

General Marvel