Paper & Plastick enters the world of comic books with Words and Panels Vol 1

Official Press Release


Paper + Plastick Records has made a furious entrance into the comic book world in 2011, and now the label is launching “Words and Panels Vol. 1” – a collection of the first installments of its three rising webcomics.

Featuring the first episodes of “50 States,” “Exit Interview” and “Kill the Wonderhawks,” the collection is Paper + Plastick’s first-ever physical comic book release. Printed on heavy, durable paper, the comic book is sure to last readers a lifetime and will be a heavily trafficked commodity in at only $5 a pop. This item is available NOW at

“Words and Panels Vol. 1” is the best way to get in on the ground floor of Paper + Plastick’s latest venture; for those who have missed any episodes of any of the webcomics so far, “Words and Panels” provides the opportunity to catch up on all of them, all at once.

The printed book contains the first two episodes of “50 States,” the first two episodes of “Exit Interview” and the first episode of “Kill The Wonderhawks.” Each of the webcomics are all still available for free download in the Paper + Plastick webstore.

More about 50 STATES:

Scripted by Matt Anderson and drawn by Matt Jordan, 50 States is the most music-related webcomic put out by Paper + Plastick so far. Each episode traces a band on tour – Episode 1 featured Less Than Jake and Episode 2 had The Dopamines – and the bands themselves are the primary authors.

With many more episodes of 50 States to come(ahem, probably around 50), the label encourages potential collectors to get in on the ground floor while they can.


The series, which is written by Matt Anderson and illustrated by Brian Mead, made a splash onto the scene with its first two episodes, which were given away for free in exchange for tweeting.

Exit Interview traces a young teenager, navigating his way through the loss of a family and trying to find himself all at the same time.


Written by Dave Losso, drawn by Aaron Pittman and colored by Alejandro Rosado, Kill The Wonderhawks has been subject to favorable reviews after three webcomic episode releases.

Kathleen Boyle of Gainesville’s The Independent Florida Alligator called it “bombastically illustrated superhero hilarity,” adding that Kill The Wonderhawks is a “nimble affair with comedic goodness so sweet, one will feel a cheat snatching this download for free.”