Who Are the Comic Book Fans on Facebook? – 10/27/11

After a break, I’m back with the latest demographic data of comic book fans on Facebook.  The method of getting the information is pretty simple, explore over 30 self-identified “likes” on the social network and record the information.  Generic terms, like “comic books,” as well as publisher names were used.  Individual writers, characters or series were not.

Since last posted in June, the comic book audience has exploded.  However to really compare the two data sets would be apples and oranges.  Facebook has made some changes to how I go about these searches and as much as I’d like to be able to compare it all to what’s come before, I can’t as the methodology is slightly different.  Previous results will be mentioned but the fact there’s a slight difference in how the numbers were achieved should be kept in mind.

Facebook Comic Book Fan Population: Over 2,600,200 in the United States

The population in the United States has grown by about a million.  Was this real growth or the change of the search method in Facebook is unknown, but in a future study, I’ll again focus on DC.  If there’s a significant increase in their fans, we can come to a conclusion that there’s been growth in the  fan base.  Until that’s completed it’s a bit hard to say.  There’s also 55,720 or 2.14% of the fan base that’s Spanish speakers.


Women have made some gain percentage wise.  Since the last reporting their percentage of the fan base population has incresed by 3% moving up to 36.5% compared to 63.06% male.  They’re still well outnumbered by almost 30% points, but there’s some gain it would seem.


Interestingly, while there’s been a change in the gender percentages, the age percentages have held steady in the few months since we’ve last reported.  The peak is still early with those in the 18-21 age and the overwhelming majority of fans under the age of 30, and almost all under the age of 41.

You can see the massive dip.

Relationship Status

There’s been a shift in this area too.  The “married” percent is higher, drawing from the other three statuses.  Could comic book fans be settling down and finding love?

10.27.11 Relationship 2Gender Interest

Some took this as meaning the sexual interest of the individuals.  Someone could be interested in people for friendship, business, etc., so take it as you will.

10.27.11 Gender Interest

This is just the first part of the data update.  The second part will look at this same demographic data for fans of digital comics, and it’s definitely different.

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