Kickstarter Highlight – Where the Upstart Comic Funder Stands

Leading up to New York Comic Con I thought it’d be fun to do some of my more favorite articles from the past.  This one is where Kickstarter stands as far as funding comic books.  As of last night, the crowd funding system has helped published 304 comic book projects since the first  project was successfully funded in June 2009.  That’s almost 10.5 projects a month since the first and the pace has only picked up in over time.  You can see the increase in successful projects since the first.

But what are the stats?  They’re impressive:

Total Number of Backers: 33,008

Average Number of Backers: 108.58

Total Pledged: $1,565,624

Average Total Pledged for Project: $5,150

Percent Raised vs. Asked: 157.58%

Average Pledge: $47.43

Most Given Amount: $50 at 4,562 times

No matter what you think about crowd funding, those are impressive numbers.