The End Of An Era In Uncanny X-Men #544!

Official Press Release

The End Of An Era In UNCANNY X-MEN #544!

Battered, beaten and bruised due to the catastrophic events of Fear Itself and X-Men: Schism, the creative team of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land bring fans the final issue of Uncanny X-Men with Uncanny X-Men #544! They’ve been through it all together, and now they’re on the dawn of a new age. And when you throw Mr. Sinister into the mix – there’s no telling how this one will end! Join us for the end of the industry-shaping series with Uncanny X-Men #544.

UNCANNY X-MEN #544 (AUG110662)
Pencils & Cover by GREG LAND
FOC – 9/26/11, ON SALE – 10/19/11

Uncanny X-Men #544 Cover

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