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Fan Expo 2011 and the Djurdjevic Incident

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The bloggers are all a twitter over a supposedly tense panel that occurred at Fan Expo 2011.  The panel about Marvel comics featured Marko Djurdjevic, Steve Epting and Jonathan Hickman.  It was reported elsewhere that Djurdjevic was a bit pissy on the panel slamming Marvel.

Over on their Twitter account ForeignMatter, who was there, recounts the panel.  In an extended Tweet, they wrote:

I was at the panel last night and Marko Djurdjevic came off as charming and honest about his feelings of how he was treated with Marvel. Not mentioned in the article is the fact that Hickman, and I paraphrase, said something like “Sounds like you are going through a divorce”, at which Marko and the rest of the crowd had a good chuckle at.

Some of the comments said about Straczynski may be a little incendiary, but people are entitled to their opinions and some are not always going to get along with others. In my mind Marko saved the panel from being boring as Hickman didn’t arrive until half the way through, but Marko also had to deal with technical difficulties which may have annoyed him a little.

And while they came down from the platform they were all amicable. So villainizing Marko for press reasons, and a story that is blown way out of proportion is horrid. I thought press was supposed to be objective.

Below are all their related tweets on the “incident.”

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