Kickstarter Corner

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Like Facebook stats (which will be returning soon and is on hiatus for a reason), Kickstarter has fascinated me.  This simple promotion platform has democratized comic books, allowing independent artists to promote their books and raise money towards completing them, printing them, promoting them, whatever.  The people get to decide what they want printed.  There’s no editorial to change the content, or choose what sees print, it’s up to the comic market.

But, what are the real numbers?  To begin, I looked at every successfully funded project in the “comics” category.  There were two projects that weren’t comic book or comic strip related, one was an animated series (which we can argue about) and the other a comic troop.  As of this writing 240 projects have succeeded in being funded.  But what’s all the statistics?  Going forward each week, we’ll be showing off where it all stands for successful projects:

Successful Projects: 240

Total Backers: 24,674

Total Goal: $80,530

Total Raised: $1,225,402

Average Percent Raised: 153.07%

Average Given: $49.66

Top 5 Amounts Given: $50, $10, $20, $15, $5

Highest Amount Raised: $109,301 – Womanthology

Highest Number of Donors: 2,001 –Womanthology

Highest Goal: $26,000 – The Transmetropolitan Art Book

Highest Percent Raised: 2,032% – The Black Well

Highest Average Donation: $181.31 – Man Made Monster

Lowest Average Donation: $12 – Comic Remix

Some more breakdown needs to happen, including the most successful amounts to ask for, but this is a start to what should be an interesting topic to follow.