Arcana Comics in Mid-August Previews

Official Press Release

RIPPERMAN GN – DIAMOND AUG110798 / ISBN 978-1-897548-33-2
By (W/A) Joe Martino. This story begins the saga of the Ripperman, Killer of Killers. The birth child of God’s disgust for humanity’s crimes and the Devil’s ambition, the Ripperman was created by both angel and demon. Thrown into a world that he doesn’t understand, he falls under the teachings of Father Thomas Jacob to learn the ways of the Lord — but not if the devil has anything to say about it! SC, 143pgs, $14.95.


MERCY SPARX GN – DIAMOND FEB110728 / ISBN 978-1-96914-18-3
By Josh Blaylock, Matt Merhoff, Bill Crabtree, Crank! Meet Mercy Sparx – A Devil Girl hired by the big shots in Heaven to secretly take down rogue angels. Follow our unlikely heroine as she battles the forces of ‘good’ while trying to figure out which side is the lesser evil. It’s either succeed and get a free pass through the Pearly Gates, or fail and risk going somewhere very bad indeed… SC, 126 pgs, $14.95.

Mercy Sparx

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