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Movie Goers Say “Smurf You” to Cowboys & Aliens

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It looks like The Smurfs has just beat out Cowboys & Aliens when it comes to the weekend box office take.  Both movies have taken in an estimated $32.6 million in North America and the little blue beings just edged out the Cowboys and their alien foes.  The Smurfs has cost a reported $110 million to make while the highly pedigreed Cowboys & Aliens cost an estimated $163 million.

The Smurfs which was panned by movie reviewers was given a score of an A in exit polls but Cowboys & Aliens received a B.

Captain America: The First Avenger came in third, bringing in $25 million in it’s second week.  That’s brought it’s total in North America to $116.8 million.

Cowboys & Aliens was the final “comic book” movie of the summer, so we’ll see how it and Cap pans out over the next few weeks before we declare winners and losers.

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