SDCC 2011 – The Aftermath

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Well, it definitely took me a day to recover from San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and the trip was well worth it.  Not only did I pick up some awesome comic books, but I also got to meet amazing artists and writers and in general had an amazing time.  The show was packed but didn’t have nearly as many people as I expected.  Compared to other cons, I had very little trouble navigating.

The buzz of the con was DCnU and lots of chatter was around as to what people expect in the coming months.  Cowboys & Aliens won the movie buzz as people as enjoyed the release of Captain America: The First Avenger.  The South Park experience was also always packed.  Tr!ckster got lots of folks talking about bringing back the “comics” to Comic Con and gender of the artists and writers creating was also a hot topic of discussion.

When it comes to video games, you couldn’t escape the ads for Batman: Arkham City, which seemed to permeate everywhere.

As a whole, I like to head to shows to meet people directly and find some new upcoming talent that I want to push.  You better believe that’s coming in a post later today.

There’s a few shows to go this year, SPX, Baltimore Comic Con, Gen Con and New York Comic-Con, but you better believe I’m already planning next years SDCC.

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