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SDCC 2011 Friday Wrap Up

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I’m officially on fumes, but still pushing along.  A lot of hand shaking of deal making over the last few days and some exciting things coming up for the site.  Friday included the first trip to Tr!ckster which wants to be the “Slamdance” event to San Diego Comic-Con.  In reality it’s more like a poor man’s SPX, but with music.  I’m pretty sure all the hipsters in the area were concentrated in this small area.  Though, it’s a great source to check out some indie books.  Here’s the other things that have stood out.

  1. I’m fascinated by the fact that Stan Lee gets mobbed, yet Robert Kirkman and Andrew Lincoln can walk the floor without being harassed.
  2. Boom! Studios = great people
  3. Top Cow = great people as well and especially sticks out they’ve been friendly since we first met in person at Baltimore Comic Con last year (and look forward to seeing them again)
  4. I love putting faces to names and massive shout out to Geoff Sebesta, Jessie Garza and Gianluca Glazer.
  5. The crowds aren’t horrible for this, but, having 5 aisles and three are stuffed due to Rob Lowe, The Big Bang Theory and True Blood all doing appearances at the same time seems like bad planning.
  6. I’m already planning next year.
  7. So much more I’m unable to discuss right now….