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SDCC 2011 Thursday Wrap Up

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It was the first full day of the show and the crowds weren’t that bad at all.  There’s just so much to do, but first on the agenda was to get my bearings by walking the entire floor.  It was pretty similar to the other major cons I’ve been to, but so much more.  Friday is a venture into some of the panels as well as the outside.  But for now here’s what stuck out….

  1. The dealer room is like a Turkish bizarre…
  2. Boom! Studios is a great group of folks.  Very positive and enthusiastic.
  3. Nifty Matt, great guy, very friendly.
  4. Marvel has hit a bit of a lull in their con displays.  It feels like the same old display, just a different look.
  5. NYCC has SDCC beat when it comes to Artist Alley, Fan Expo might too.
  6. There’s way too much to do here for one person.
  7. People don’t respect or understand Cirque Du Soleil.
  8. The ComiXology crew are good people too.
  9. My feet don’t hurt as much as I’d thought they would. My shoes are either very comfortable or I’m not in as bad as shape as I thought I was.
  10. Stay away from any aisles with anime.  It’s a wall of people that never moves.
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