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“Cockpit: the Rule of Engagement” at Comic-Con 2011

Official Press Release

“Bayonetta’s” Hellena Taylor Collides with Veteran Actor Ronny Cox & DIY Expert Karl Champley as they Invade Comic-Con 2011

Indie Sci-Fi short “Cockpit: the Rule of Engagement” hits Comic-con headlined by video game vixen, “Bayonetta’s” Hellena Taylor and Hollywood character actor Ronny Cox with hopes of launching feature film.

San Diego, CA  July 23rd, 2010 – Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival 2011 welcomes indie sci-fi flick, “Cockpit: the Rule of Engagement” starring Ronny Cox (“Stargate SG-1”, “Total Recall”, “Robocop”, “Deliverance”), Hellena Taylor (“Bayonetta”), and Home Improvement personality Karl Champley in his riveting sci-fi debut, this Saturday, July 23rd at 1pm and marks its exclusive internet premiere on at 3pm.

This short about space fighter pilots and alien mind distortion has won 12 awards from around the world and takes place in the same universe as his award-winning feature screenplay, “Cockpit.”

“Comic-con is the Sundance of Sci-fi festivals, and with production companies scouting for the next great property, we are all hopeful that “Cockpit:  The Rule of Engagement” will get their attention because there is a feature screenplay ready to go,” says director, Jesse Griffith.  “That, coupled with its internet release on gives us a great opportunity to reach out to sci-fi fans and build awareness for this home grown project.”

“Cockpit:  The Rule of Engagement” was shot in a day while all of the effects and editing were done on a laptop after hours and on weekends by Jesse Griffith. The budget was $3000.

“True sci-fi at its best” says Schroeder from Cult Movies Magazine while gives it an “A+” and calls it “The Best of the Bunch” after its win at the Sci-Fi + Fantasy Film Festival.

The feature screenplay, “Cockpit” won Best Sci-Fi Screenplay from the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival, and the Fantastic Planet Sci-Fi Festival in Sydney, Australia.  It has been hailed as “The Last Starfighter” meets “Aliens” by Graphation Film Festival Director, Josiah Golojuh.

A trailer and list of awards can be viewed at

About Griffith Pictures
Griffith Pictures creates original cinematic content that expands the imagination.  Founder, Jesse Griffith, has received numerous science-fiction awards for his screenplays and short films, directed commercials that have aired with the NBA Finals, was co-writer on “Dungeons & Dragons:  Dragonshard” and is a member of the Art Director’s Guild.  He received 2008 Emmy Recognition for his graphics work on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”  For more information, visit

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