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Kickstarter Highlight – Recipes for the Dead

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This week’s Kickstarter highlight of cool projects you should give your hard earned dollars to support is Recipes for the Dead.  The art is what really caught my eye with a very cool style that sucked me in.  Also is the fact you get access to the first issue of the series for $1.  It’s hard to go wrong to help support an artist and get a comic book for $1.

From the Kickstarter page:

Recipes for the Dead was an idea I came up with in 2010.  I was deeply passionate about it and it must have showed, because I found a wonderful artist and produced the first issue with her within months of the idea’s inception.  After successfully producing the first issue, the many unfortunate circumstances that can hit a young artist during a recession happened to me, and I had to put Recipes on an unintended hiatus.  However, after months of building up my resources and clout again, I am able to present to you with issue 2 of Recipes for the Dead: Apricot Asylum.

The money raised will help pay for the artist, production costs, Kickstarter fees, and offset some of the post office costs and the goal is to have the comic book ready for New York Comic Con.

You can check out the Kickstarter page for a video that better explains exactly what the series is about.

Recipes for the Dead

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