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CBLDF Heads to the ALA Annual Conference with Exclusive Babymouse Print

The CBLDF is headed to the ALA Annual Conference taking place this weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana! You’ll find CBLDF at booth 1749 in the Graphic Novel Pavilion throughout the weekend.  Over the course of the weekend, we will be accepting donations at our booth in exchange for several exciting premiums, including a brand new Babymouse print by creators Jennifer and Matthew Holm. On Saturday afternoon, starting at 1:00 p.m., Jennifer L. Holm will be signing these one-of-a-kind prints at our booth, and they will be offered as an incentive to join the CBLDF at our $25 membership level.

New Tennessee Law Threatens Freedom of Expression

There’s a new law in Tennessee that threatens freedom of expression and the right to privacy. Last week, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed into law HB 300, which makes criminals out of those who post images online that cause “emotional distress,” even when the emotionally distressed individual is not the intended recipient.

The language of the bill is extremely vague and open to interpretation; a prosecutor need only convince a jury that an image, phrase, or link was posted with the express purpose of causing distress in order for HB 300 to be invoked. Anyone who sees an image online can become a victim under the auspices of the law as written.

CBLDF and Project: Rooftop Team Up to Give Lady Liberty a Makeover!

Project: Rooftop has earned a terrific reputation over the past few years as a place where talented cartoonists show off their design skills by updating and redesigning classic costumes. At Heroes Con 2011, several Project: Rooftop members stopped by the CBLDF booth to help support Free Speech. They put their talents to the test: redesigning the classic icon Lady Liberty.  The cartoonists of Project: Rooftop all found different ways to bring Lady Liberty into the 21st century, and the drawings they created are being auctioned to support one of the most important liberties she represents: Freedom of Speech. Read on for a video and image gallery about the redesign of Lady Liberty!

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