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Kickstarter Highlight – Abuela y los Dead Mexicans

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I swear I’ll get better as to making this a regular column, but… this week’s Kickstarter highlight is ABUELA y los DEAD MEXICANS a 20 page comic book about Dave Ortega‘s grandmother and the Mexican Revolution.  The project has actually met it’s goal of $600 with 13 days to go still.  The reason the book gets this week’s highlight is it’s mix of personal story and political events (fits the website, right?).

From the Kickstarter page:

My project is a 20-page comic about my grandmother and the Mexican Revolution titled Abuela y los Dead Mexicans. Featured chronologically are figures from the Revolution such as Pancho Villa with his elite army the “Division del Norte” and Emiliano Zapata, champion of land reform in the state of Morelos and points south.

Also interestingly enough this isn’t the traditional project where you receive the completed work.  Instead the comic will be printed on 11.38″ x 17″ newsprint and will be available for free as part of the exhibition Close Distance which runs from July 15 to August 28 at the Mills Gallery at Boston Center for the Arts.

Abuela y los Dead Mexicans
Head on over and kick in what you can.

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