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Warren Ellis Uses UV in New Comic

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Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan) and Matt Brooker (2000 AD) are taking thought bubbles to a whole new level in their one-shot SVK.  Using a special “torch” packaged with the book, readers will be able to see the character’s thoughts which are printed with UV ink.

Wired has a description of the comic:

Produced by east London consultancy BERG, the noir tale follows a detective who must retrieve a technology called SVK (Special Viewing Kit). When the sleuth discovers its telepathic functions, the reader learns how to brain-snoop too. “You use the torch to unlock another player of the story,” says Matt Jones, 38, a principal designer at BERG. “A bit like how life works,” adds Matt Webb, the firm’s 33-year-old CEO. “Everyone’s talked to a person at a party and then someone tells you something about them. Next time, you see them through that lens.”

BERG needed to get fancy to slash it’s production costs.  To do so they used to but the special torches in bulk, for its ecommerce and for storage and packing.  Once again comic companies just need to think out of the box to make things work.

The hope to sell 3,000 copies of the book.


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