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Superman Back to Loving America

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In Action Comics #900 Superman decided to give up his United States citizenship as to not negatively impact American foreign policy.  This stirred up discussion that’s still continuing.  In this week’s Superman #711 it looks like he’s back to loving America.  USA! USA!

Superman #711 Panel

That’s what America is about, really. That’s the American way. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and second chances. None of us are forced to be anything we don’t want to be. When I was young I know that I would be someone different when I grew up. I would leave home and make a new life for myself. A new start, a second chance. When I first went to Metropolis, it was full of people who’d done the same thing. People from all over America – from over the world –  who went to the city to live the lives they anted – to be the people they wanted to be. That’s the idea that America was founded on, but it’s not just for the people born here, it’s for everione. And it’s for peope like me and Livewire too.

– Superman