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Your First Look At Venom #3

Official Press Release

Your First Look At VENOM #3

 Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Venom #3, from superstar writer Rick Remender and red-hot artist Tom Fowler! Flash’s worst nightmare is finally realized;  he’s lost control and Venom is on the rampage! Destroying his last chance to shut down the maniacal Jack-O’-Lantern and his mysterious benefactor,  the symbiote turns Flash’s latest covert op into a citywide killing spree. Which target will the US military deem a more immediate threat – a payload of weaponized Vibranium or their own homicidal operative run amok? Can the Amazing Spider-Man stop him before it’s too late? Find out this May, only in Venom #3!

VENOM #3 (MAR110661)
Pencils by TOM FOWLER
X-Men Evolutions Variant by PATRICK ZIRCHER
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 5/2/11. On Sale – 5/25/11

Venom #3 COVERVenom #3 PREVIEW1Venom #3 PREVIEW2Venom #3 PREVIEW3

One comment

  • This comment isn’t about this review. I found this site by following a link from another graphic novel site.

    Seeing how knowledgeable you were about graphic novels I thought I would ask a question about a graphic novel I remember from my youth. I have searched many times for it wiht no luck. I have no idea of the author or title.

    I read this about 1962, but I have no idea how old it was. It was very similar to Tintin, but it was not Tintin.

    A key plot twist in it was this: they are aboard ship on the ocean looking for treasure. They have a map, but there is no island at the map coordinates. Then they discover that the map was made in France around the time of the French Revolution and used Paris as the prime meridian instead of Greenwich. After which they found the treasure and everyone lived happily ever after.

    Ring any bells?