Breaking Wondercon Announcement – DC and Marvel to Swap Properties for Crossover Event!

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DC ComicsNews has leaked that at Wondercon, Marvel and DC will be announcing a major crossover event slated for 2012.  This isn’t the normal crossover event where characters meet each other, but instead will be taking an idea more from the Amalgam universe and will see Marvel characters headline DC books and DC characters headline Marvel.  Wolverine in Detective Comics, Ms. Marvel in Wonder Woman!?  MarvelSuperman headlining Captain America and Green Lantern heading to an unnamed Marvel cosmic comic!?  It’d also see some of each company’s top talent switching and taking over the other company’s book for the few months this runs.

The basic storyline sees the characters swapped and having to step up and defend their new homes (comics).  It could be pretty interesting.  To find out more of what our source had to say, check out below the jump.