Pick of the Week – American Vampire #13

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There’s a lot of comics out this week and quite a few are definite buys.  But, I think the potential as one of the most entertaining issues is Scott Snyder‘s Vertigo series American Vampire.  The thirteenth issue doesn’t look like there’s anything unlucky about it as it jumps ahead a few years to the beginning of World War II.  It’s amazing how improved and how far the series has come since the beginning.  I’ve been looking forward to this issue since it was first teased.

  1. American Vampire #13 – See above.
  2. Captain America #616 – We know Cap will play a big role in Fear Itself, and a lot of teases are being dropped as to the return of Steve Rogers in uniform.  I can’t wait to see how writer Ed Brubaker gets us there.
  3. The Walking Dead #83 – Everyone is surrounded as zombies have invaded the formerly protected community.  Everything and everyone seems to be melting down.
  4. Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #516 – One of the best thing to come out of the lackluster Shadowland.
  5. Age of X Universe #1 – Alternate world?  Check!  Do I need to really explain why this is a buy?