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It was a pretty quiet weekend as far as breaking news.  But, there was some interesting items that you can check out yourself below!

Around the Blogs:

The Beat – Diamond Data: Diamond Retailer Summit, 2011Sales numbers from the major comic book distributor.

NJ.com – That comic book cost how much???A humorous look at the cost of comic books.

Tech 2 – Gadgeted Superheroes – No Superpowers, Just TechnologyWhere does he get those wonderful toys?

Village Voice – New Generation of D.C. Pundits Reading Comic Books, Using Newfangled InternetThey also play video games and enjoy pop culture.  Now, if they only admitted to all of it.

The Providence Journal – Comic book conference at Rhode Island College explores the educational value of visual storytellingGreat to see events and discussions like this.

Choice Quotes:

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #5

Spider-Man – So we’re TV stars now, huh? I should probably have my own catchphrase then.  Popycock! Razzmataz!  Parchesi!  Blagojevich!

Captain America #615.1

Captain America – You’re supposed to be the guy who knows right and wrong… outside the partisan crap that’s ruining our country…