Shocker, The Right Has An Issue With X-Factor

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X-Factor #217 CoverConservative blogger Avi Green of course has issues with the latest issue of Marvel‘s X-Factor setting his sites on the latest issue of the series, blogger Andrew Belonsky of Death & Taxes as well as myself and this blog.  In fact I was called:

…another disgrace and shame of an apologist for this propaganda that trivializes the seriousness of the subject

The issue features the announcement that mutant Monet is an Algerian Muslim after she confronts a crowd of “Anti-Muslim protesters” in New York City.  The crowd is similar to anti-mosque protests that actually occurred in New York City.  As usual, we’ll break down Green’s arguments.

Did it ever occur to them how the Koran might look upon mutants, if they existed in real life? The Religion of Peace certainly considers non-Muslims inferior, and also women, as indicated in Sura 2:228, and any mutant who didn’t practice Islam would be decreed as such too.

Well, Green right there contradicts himself.  He talks about how Muslims would hate mutants, and then says they’d only hate non-Muslim mutants.  We rebut, it’s MAKE BELIEVE!  Mutants don’t exist, it’s a story.

What’s absurd here is how it depicts a girl with cleavage, something forbidden in the most extreme Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia, identifying herself as a Muslim (she’s said to be of Algerian background not unlike Batman Inc’s Nightrunner), shades of corrupt NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s own knee-jerk blather. Though there are some Muslim women who don’t dress in burqas/niqabs, the deeper you go into the Islamic world, the more oppressive it is to the point where the death sentence can be given to those who don’t wear them.

Well, at least Green realizes not all Muslims wear burqas.  But, why not paint an entire religion and belief based off some of it’s member’s beliefs.  Judaism doesn’t force men and women to sit separately, and observant Jews refuse to touch women (you never know when they’re on their period).  Christian religions don’t subjugate women, refusing them roles of leadership or forcing their own dress standards.  Those things don’t happen at all, cause if you did, you’d have to condemn those religions and followers as well.  And I absolutely want to take commentary about women’s rights from a blog that runs an “Infidel Babe of the Week.”

Thus, the irony is that not every Muslim male around the world, not even in the west, is going to be impressed with that scene in X-Factor 217. They could’ve made this a scene depicting a gay/lesbian identifying with the ummah, and given that many Muslims are violently hostile to gays and lesbians, you can be sure not every Muslim would be impressed with a scene like that either. There may be moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.

What does this even mean?  If you have moderate followers of a religion, by definition you have a moderate version of that religion.

That aside, Marvel has really gone beyond the pale this time. It’s bad enough if they took blame-America standings with Captain America in past years. Now they’re even going so far as to desecrate the victims of 9-11 and offend those closest to them by implying it is democratic Americans opposed to violent ideologies, shariah, and also a building project that desecrates the memory of their loved ones who are the problem, not the jihadists themselves, and they refuse to distinguish between religion and race. Their current product is an offense to a lot of people I respect like Debra Burlingame and 9-11 Families for a Safe & Strong America, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel and Steve Emerson.

Or, a company that often mines real world events for material, has done so again.  Since Marvel produced numerous materials to raise money for the response workers and victim’s family members (as did many comic book companies), I think I’ll give them a pass.  How much has Green done to help victim’s or families beyond the ramblings on his blogs (I use multiple as he’s really good at cross posting).

And who wrote the X-Factor story here? Peter David, I’m afraid. The man who once wrote a story in the same named series back in the early 90s where they and the Hulk took down a Saddam Hussein-ish dictator now does 360, and explains why I don’t think I’ll want to read his writings anymore. Once, I thought he was smart enough to avoid this kind of propaganda, and he did once signal he respects Israel. Guess I was wrong. Now, he’s plumbing new depths and suggesting he condones imposing sharia on America.

1) Saddam wasn’t exactly an Islamicist, I know the right hasn’t accepted that fact, 2) How do you go from depicting “Ground Zero” protesters to “condones imposing sharia on America”?  Over react much?

Wait for Part II in an hour.

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