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Pick of the Week – Echoes #4

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Having read the entire series last year, it’s easy to say Echoes as a whole is fantastic.  Easily one of the best comic series this year so far, and it’s easily in the running for limited series of the year.  If you like (and even if you dislike) thrillers, this is a must buy.

  1. Echoes #4 – See above or read the original review of the series.
  2. New York Five #3 – A slice of life comic by Brian Wood, one of my favorite writers.  This is a love letter to New York and a look at the difficulty of college life.
  3. Green Hornet #14 – I was worried about what would happen after Kevin Smith’s run, but Phil Hester’s has been fantastic.
  4. “X” books – Age of X – nuff said
  5. FF #1 – I’m fascinated to see where this series goes next.
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