Pick of the Week – DMZ #63

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It’s a pretty easy choice this week, even though there’s some solid releases.  Brian Wood‘s DMZ #63 gets the top choice as the comic to grab when you head to the store Wednesday.  DMZ has consistently been one of the best books on the market and more importantly some of the best political commentary and allegory in any medium out there.  The series which follows the Second American Civil War is outright brilliant and can easily be considered one of the best comic series ever.

  1. DMZ #63 – see above
  2. Fear Itself: Book of Skull #1 – It’s the first entry in Marvel’s latest epic event.  Here’s hoping it’s better than the last couple.
  3. Invincible Iron Man #502 – One of the best comics on the market.  Tony Stark’s rebuilding of his image and fortune is perfect for today’s economic realities.
  4. Artifacts #6 – What’s not to enjoy about this popcorn event being written by the brilliant Ron Marz and published by Top Cow?
  5. Iron Man 2.0 #2 – Loved the first issue, it exceeded my expectations.  We’ll see how the second issue holds up.
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