Pick of the Week – Daomu #2

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There’s quite a few comic books out this week and it’s a tough choice as to which I’m looking forward to the most, but the one I really look forward to reading is Daomu #2. This Chinese series is not only a beauty to look at but a great import from across the ocean. Part of a whole genre of like comics and books, I can’t wait to see where this series goes and what else is out there like it.

  1. Daomu #2 – See above why this is this week’s top pick.
  2. Chew #17 – This series is completely crazy, creative and entertaining. It constantly puts a smile on my face and gets me to laugh. This should be part of everyone’s pull list.
  3. Heroes for Hire #4 – Shadowland was horrible, but if we had to endure that to get this, fine by me.
  4. Joe the Barbarian #8 – This finale has been a while coming. Hopefully I won’t have to ingest as many drugs as I think I have to, to completely get this series.
  5. Carbon Grey #1 – A new series I’m looking forward to taking a chance on. It just looks cool.
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