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Pick of the Week – Echoes #3

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It’s a big week for comic book releases and quite a few comics that could make the case to be our pick. We’re going to go with Echoes #3 for this week’s top pick.  This limited series is such a solid read it deserves a mass audience (and eventual movie *cough*).  It’s a great psychological thriller that’s just unlike anything else on the shelves right now.  Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

  1. Echoes #3 – Was the above not enough?  Check out our full review.
  2. New York Five #2 – Brian Wood is a master writer and his second volume to his love letter to New York City is a welcome read.  Here’s hoping we see a third and fourth.
  3. Kill Shakespeare #9 – I’ve slowly become a huge fan of the series that mashes together the Bard’s famous creations.  There’s only a few issues left of this first volume to the maxi-series, and I have no idea what to expect.
  4. Captain America #615 – Ed Burbaker’s run on Captain America has been a modern day classic and the trial of Bucky Barnes has been interesting.  With Sin playing a major role in Marvel’s upcoming Fear Itself, we’re thinking it’s best to check out this series where we’re sure the seeds were planted a while ago.
  5. X-Men Age of X tie-ins – X-Men in an alternate time line?  How is this not a buy is the bigger question.
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