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Review – Cyclops #3

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Cyclops 003 CoverThe team of writer Matz and artist Luc Jacamon consistently show the comics are for more than kids.  Their series The Killer navigates international politics through the eyes of a contract assassin.  Their latest focus is war, corporations and the media with Cyclops.

With tensions between Turkey and Iran barely abated, Douglas Pistoia and his unit of contractors are deployed again, this time to the border of Argentina and Chile, with the dangerous mission having all the makings of a ratings hit. From the creators of the Eisner Award-nominated THE KILLER comes this look at the near future of war and the media.

What’s interesting with Matz and Jacamon’s story is in this third issue, with all of the interesting things it could be focusing on (and the preachy ways it could go) instead the weight of all of the good and bad is burdened on the shoulders of the main character Doug.  He’s given the choice of willingly going along with the machinations of his corporate bosses or rejecting it.  Even when he knows things are fishy, he still plods along doing his job.

So in a twist, Matz and Jacamon’s story also focuses on us the reader.  We’re asked that choice of what we’d do in a similar situation.  Would we go along, full well knowing the hype surrounding us is a lie or would we spill the beans and scream from the mountain tops about the corruption and manipulation that corporations have over us.

There’s still quite a few issues to go, so we don’t know Doug’s choice just yet, but if their other work is any indication, I don’t know what to expect.

Plot: Matz’s writing is fantastic and you never know what to expect.  He explores important issues and relates them to current events without making it preachy or telling you what the answer to the issues are.  Instead he explores the issues through his characters as they weave throughout the story.  It’s quite amazing work, and I’m always sucked in and challenged to think about Matz’s points and observations and their intersection with my real life.  Rating: 9

Art: Jacamon’s art is distinctive and this is truly a team.  The issue with a future set story such as this is we need to relate to it, but also recognize it’s the future.  Jacamon solves that and pulls it off quite well by just focusing on minor details by keeping a lot of the day to day background, weapons and items familiar and only slightly changed from what we see today.  The art delivers a relatable future tale.  Rating: 8.5

Overall: I can’t praise this series enough.  It’s a perfect example that shows comic books aren’t just for kids.  It explores complicated adult issues in an entertaining wrapper and that’s the really fantastic thing about it all.  It’s educational, makes you think and is entertaining all at once.  Much like The Killer, another of their work, I can’t recommend Cyclops enough.  Overall rating: 9

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.95     Release: 2/2/11

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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