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Review – The Sixth Gun #8

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The series written by Cullen Bunn and art by Brian Hurtt has grown on me over it’s eight issues.  The Sixth Gun #8 is a great weird west tale that continues it’s second story arc mixing in southern voodoo from it’s already over the top supernatural bent.

In a decaying mansion in the blackest heart of the Louisiana bog, Drake uncovers more secrets of the Six… and angers a spirit that wants to ensure the gunslinger never leaves the swamp alive! It’s man versus some of the meanest man-eaters to ever crawl out of the marsh!

The story just adds layers and new ideas without ever going over the top.  There’s a point that adding too many different supernatural elements a story can go off the rails.  With the already iffy “weird west” label attached to it, you can see why I might be a bit nervous over the series.  But it’s beyond entertaining and fun.

With all of the gun slinging there’s also a heart, and some great interaction between the characters.  Yes, some characters stick to cookie cutter paint by number types, but they also hide some depth that’s slowly creeping out.

I can guess where this arc is taking us, but I expect there’s some twist and turns along the way.  It’s a fun series and one worth checking out.

Plot: Bunn has taken what could easily be an over the top concept and has made it entertaining and fun.  The characters in the first arc touched a bit on stereotype cookie cutter archetypes but this second story arc adds a bit of depth to them.  It’s gotten to a point that this is a series I’m looking forward to reading each month.  Rating: 8

Art: Hurtt’s art is also growing on me.  It’s consistent with a pretty unique style.  The character designs are spooky but at the same time clean.  It fits of the feel of the series quite well.  Rating: 8

Overall: It’s something that Bunn and Hurtt have basically won me over.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the series when it first came out, but I stuck with it and read it through with each consistent release and it’s grown on me to the point I count myself as a fan.  Overall rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 24 pages    Price: $3.99     Release: 1/25/11

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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