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Pick of the Week – Cyclops #3

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It’s a new week for comics and we’ve scoured the new releases for what we think is the pick of the week, Cyclops #3.  Written by Matz with art by Luc Jacamon and published by Archaia, Cyclops is about a future world where corporations have taken over peace keeping duties and instead wage war.  It’s a look at war, peace, celebrity and media all in comic book form.  Much like Matz and Jacamon’s previous work, this is one not to be missed.  Below are the rest of our picks.

  1. Cyclops #3 – see above
  2. Daytripper Trade Paperback – We loved the entire series and heaped praise including some of the year end awards.  Now’s the time to catch this entire series in one handy trade paperback.
  3. Daomu #1 – I’m fascinated to see what the Chinese best selling series is like.
  4. Witchblade #142 – It’s a whole new arc and I’m interested in seeing what this entertaining series has in store next.
  5. Brightest Day #19 – The last issue was great and we’re getting closer to finding out exactly what’s up with the White Lantern.  Hopefully the pay off has been worth the wait.
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