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Preview – The Killer Vol. 3: Modus Vivendi

Official Press Release

THE KILLER VOL. 3: MODUS VIVENDI Collected Edition Hardcover

Retail Price: $24.95 U.S.
Page Count: 176 pages
Format: hardcover book with dust jacket, 6.875” x 10.25”, full color
On-sale date: January 26, 2011
Written by Matz
Illustrated by Luc Jacamon
Cover by Luc Jacamon

A professional assassin comes out of retirement—out of boredom, out of necessity? He takes a job and soon finds himself enmeshed in an international conspiracy, and when he begins to question the identities of his employers, he finds himself seeking new allies to cover his back. This third volume of the Eisner Award-nominated THE KILLER collects the six-issue MODUS VIVENDI series.

Mature Readers (series contains Nudity, Graphic Violence and Adult Content)

The Killer MV HC CoverThe Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG1The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG2The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG3The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG4The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG5The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG6The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG7The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG8The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG9The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG10The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG11The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG12The Killer Vol. 3 HC Preview_PG13

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