Preview – Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #2

Official Press Release


Retail Price: $3.95 U.S.
Page Count: 32 pages
Format: saddle bound, 8” x 8”, full color
On-sale date: January 26, 2011
Written by Joe LeFavi, Tim Beedle and Jason M. Burns
Illustrated by Heidi Arnhold, Ross Campbell, Chandra Free and Katie Cook
Covers by Heidi Arnhold and Ross Campbell (50/50 split)

The Fraggles have solved many mysteries throughout Fraggle Rock, but in this new issue of Archaia’s acclaimed FRAGGLE ROCK series, they attempt to solve the greatest of them all! Joe LeFavi and Heidi Arnhold (LEGENDS OF THE DARK CRYSTAL) explore what it truly means to live when Gobo undertakes a quest to determine “The Meaning of Life.” But what will he have to sacrifice along the way? After that, Mokey struggles to find “The Perfect Words” in a thoughtful story from Tim Beedle (MUPPET ROBIN HOOD) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Ross Campbell (SHADOWEYES, WET MOON). Finally, Boober’s seeing monsters in “The Fraggle Who Cried Monster,” a hilariously warped tale from the minds of Jason M. Burns (A DUMMY’S GUIDE TO DANGER) and Chandra Free (THE GOD MACHINE).

All Ages

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