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Pick of the Week – Age of X: Alpha

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There’s a thick pile of comic books coming out this week, and there’s quite a few to choose from to be the top of the pile and be the pick of the week.  Though I haven’t read it, I’d have to go with Age of X: Alpha, which has the makings to be a classic X-Men tale in an alternate world.

  1. Age of X: Alpha – Check above for why this got the top spot.  An alternate world?  Check.  Great art? Check!  A guaranteed classic.
  2. New York Five #1 – Brian Wood’s original New York Four is a great read and I’m sure one you missed.  Fantastic writing that originally came out under DC’s Minx line.  This is one series that deserved a sequel.
  3. Artifacts #5 – Ron Marz has given us four great issues so far, we’ll see how the beginning of the second arc fairs.
  4. Captain America #614 – Ed Brubaker is a maestro when it comes to his Captain America epic.  Bucky Barnes is facing a trial, and it’ll be fascinating to see where Brubaker goes with this.
  5. Punisher: In the Blood #3 – The original Punisher is back!  We’ve missed you and so happy you’re here to taken on the criminal scum bags.
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