Pick of the Week – Echoes #1

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We reviewed the entire Echoes series a while ago and we were blown away.  We can say without a doubt Echoes #1 is an absolute great buy this week and highly recommend you give it a shot.  There’s a large amount of books released this week, so what else rounds out the top five?

  1. Echoes #1This review really should explain everything you need to know as to why this is #1.
  2. Captain America #613 – Where does Brubaker go with two Captain Americas?  How about putting one on trial for treason.  A great look at honor, patriotism and the media.
  3. Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4/Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #4 – I decided to lump these two together.  Both are tons of fun and just so entertaining to read.
  4. Secret Warriors #23 – The last few issues have had my jaw drop and have shown how much of a badass Nick Fury is.  I never know what to expect.
  5. Batman: The Dark Knight – David Finch writing and drawing Batman?  Yes please!
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