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Review – Cyclops #1

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Cyclops 001 CoverOnly a recent fan of the work of writer Matz and artist Luc Jacamon, I now clamor when word of a new release from them make it’s way out.  Cyclops is a new series from the duo who also put out the brilliant series The Killer.  Much like that latter series Cyclops is absolutely amazing, taking real world issues and boiling them down in around 30 pages.

2054. Douglas Pistoia is desperately looking for work, but only a private military contracting firm, Multicorps Security, has offered him a job. Soon after he signs up, the UN decides to outsource its peacekeeping missions, and Multicorps wins the first bid, propelling Douglas into a war that is not his own—a highly sophisticated war broadcast worldwide by the soldiers themselves thanks to the micro-cameras in their helmets. They are called the Cyclops. Douglas plays the game, and slowly emerges as both a unit leader and a media celebrity, but how far will he go in exploring the boundaries between war and peacekeeping, news and entertainment? From the same creative team that brought you the Eisner Award-nominated crime noir THE KILLER comes this new look at war and the media in the near future…

It’s the future and security and war has been outsourced to private corporations, a phenomenon occurring in today’s world.  But how would a corporation really profit from this and keep the dollars flowing.  A mix of peace keeping and entertainment emerges along with manufactured celebrity heroes.

This first issue sets the ground for a series that will look at war and peacekeeping, entertainment and news.  I can tell from this first issue, it’ll be as amazing as The Killer, a series that’s a must buy.  A fantastic start that I highly recommend to everyone.

Plot: Matz is brilliantly able to mix real world issues into an entertaining story and Cyclops is an example of his talent at writing.  In one issue a character is given a realistic and believable background that makes us interested in seeing where his journey goes.  Complicated issues are broken down in easy to understand ways without being preachy.  Beyond excellent.  Rating: 9

Art: Luc Jacamon has a distinctive style that you know is his.  Cyclops continues that style so that it feels comfortable and familiar.  At the same time, I’ve only seen his drawing of the present.  This series takes place in the future with a style of which we’ve seen before but also new and exciting.  Rating: 9

Overall: Politically and topically relevant.  Entertaining without being preachy.  Cyclops is another amazing series from Matz and Jacamon and shows why when you hear the word Archaia you know it’s a quality comic being published.  Overall rating: 9

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.95     Release: 12/22/2010

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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