Preview – Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 14

Official Press Release


It’s the dawning of a new age for Sonic, and SONIC ARCHIVES VOL. 14 is there to catch it from the beginning! Dr. Robotnik has fallen to the events of “Endgame,” but that doesn’t mean the danger has passed! New zones, old secrets, and one very ugly wizard are all set to debut and give Sonic trouble! This high quality paperback volume collects Sonic the Hedgehog #51-54.

SCRIPT: Various

ART: Sam Maxwell, Art Mawhinney, Nelson Ortega, John Hebert, Andrew Pepoy, Jim Amash, Pam Eklund, Harvey Mercadoocasio

COVER: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante

Shipping Date: DEC 22, 2010

On Sale: DEC 29, 2010

Soft Cover, 5×7&3/8, 112 pgs, Full-Color

$7.95 US